18% “Foreigner Fee” added onto Restaurant Check

From the department of “Wha-wha-WHAT?!?“

A French-born Manhattan resident claims a trendy SoHo restaurant tacked a gratuity on his bill without telling him – then said it was to “protect” the waiters because foreigners don’t tip.

The restaurant of note is called Aquagrill, and what they did, if true, is a city violation. But I’m sure the management of the restaurant have other restaurateurs considering other types of ‘Immediate gratuities’. If I ran a restaurant, I’d consider the following:

Overstayed your welcome gratuity: 5% charge remitted for each additional 15 minutes a party stays at the table after the initial payment has been procured.

Faux Bartender Gratuity: 10% added to the bar tab of anyone who insists on a flavorful dry vodka martini.

Beef Destruction Tax: 15% added to the bill of anyone who orders Wagyu or Kobe Beef “well-done”.

Wine Bribe: 10% gratuity added to the bar tab of anyone who asks to smell the cork of the wine; added only if server keeps a straight face and compliments the sniffer on their wine knowledge.

Arrogance Fee: 10 dollar charge on anyone who enters a busy restaurant at 6 o’clock on a Saturday night and demands to be seated immediately even though they don’t have a reservation. 5 dollar additional charge if they then say that they made a reservation, but the host or hostess must have screwed up entering it.

Closing Time Tip: 20% tip and a case of beer added to the bill to any parties that arrive within five minutes of closing time. The case of beer is for the crew in the back who most assuredly had to get out pots and pans already cleaned for the night.

(via The Food Section)

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