2003 Fontana Candida Orvieto Classico


Ahh, back to the Orvietos. I picked this simple Italian wine up at QFC of all places. It’s a rule I break every now and then, and they were having a sale on imported Italian wines.

Truth is there are many places in Seattle from which one should buy wine. I’ll have to remind myself of that next time I’m in my local grovery store.

Eyes: The color is that of a light d’anjou pear, golden with a very slight green tint. A quick twirl shows that it holds the side of the glass fairly well, and yet appears thin, suggesting a sweet, but watery wine. It’s rim is clear.

Nose: When placing the ol’ schnozz in the glass, it’s a very sharp, alcohol/peach scent.

Taste:A watery, bitter peach taste. It’s a quick taste, with very little finish.

Overall:Meh. Not great, not horrible. a 2 on a 1-3 scale. Totally indifferent to the wine.

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