611 Supreme

611Supreme611 Supreme
611 E Pine St
Seattle, WA 98122-2323
Phone: (206) 328-0292

One of the joys of eating out and exploring menus is discovering the varieties within each cuisine. When finding a restaurant, the thrill is in finding out the range of skill and mastery each chef has of several techniques – Can they broil a steak and create a perfect, matching sauce? A restaurant is a place where a chef can strut his or her stuff and impress their audience.

Which is why 611 Supreme confuses me so. By design, this place is a “one-trick-pony”, but oh what a trick they have! Either by chance or design, they have turned a small space into a bistro atmosphere, where they sell their specialty (and raison d’etre), crepes.

For brunch? Crepes. Dinner? Crepes. Dessert? Crepes. Don’t be fooled by the bar on the east side of the business, crepes are the ONLY reason to go here. They’ll sit you down at a table in the sparsely decorated west room, and bring you a carafe of water (non-iced and with a slice of lemon, in the french tradition). From there, a menu will show you just how much you can do with a simple flour, egg, sugar recipe.

Are you there for brunch? The Fruit de Saison is the way to go, with seasonal fruit garnished with creme fraiche and powdered sugar. The apples in the crepe crunched nicely, and their tartness complemented the sourness of the creme fraiche quite well. And if you order this with a mimosa, I promise you that your day will start off nicely.

Or if you are feeling a bit childish, you could order the Nutella, a crepe filled with the choco-hazelnut spread, and then garnished with sliced bananas.

The Champignon is a dinner crepe, made with buckwheat flour and filled with sauteed seasonal mushrooms, shallots and garlic. To take a bite is to feel as if you’ve been transported to the rural area of Gaul, with the woodsiness of the mushrooms and its cream sauce warming you much like a blanket on a chilly autumn evening.

For Dessert: it is hard to go wrong with the Orange Crepe, with it’s orange butter and chocolate shavings. The bittersweet of the orange melts into the chocolate with ease and bliss. Pure delight!

I’m now of the belief that I should seek out more of these ‘one trick pony’ establishments. For instead of being treated to a meal by a chef who’s a jack of all cuisines but master of none, I could instead indulge myself by those who’ve taken one dish, and perfected it.

611 Supreme is open 5pm-11pm Tue-Thu, Sun; 5pm-midnight Fri-Sat; Brunch: 9am-3pm Sat-Sun

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