99 Drams of Whiskey – Blog Tour Help wanted

Out of the many excellent suggestions offered in the brainstorming post that was published the other day, the one I can implement nearly immediately is the Blog Tour (mentioned by Amy, Rete, Jeff, and Scott). I’ve talked to the publicity guru at St. Martin’s, and she said she would help out in any way she can.

But to do this, I need sites who are interested in a) Reading the book, and b) Willing to commit to a post regarding the book.

So, if you fill these two categories, either comment in this here post, or drop me a line at KateATaccidentalhedonistDOTcom. What you will get in return is a copy of the book, as well as access to…well…me.

Do you want to do a whiskey review with me on your site? Do you want to interview me? Do you wish to only read the book? Any and all ideas are open for discussion.

What I need is your name, Website address, and mailing address so that you can get a copy of the book.

Many thanks in advance.

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