A Basic Flaw in Fast Food Logic

It’s easy to show disdain for fast food restaurants when franchise owners go around saying things like this:

John Francis, who owns the McDonald’s in Sidney, Mont., said he tried advertising in the local newspaper and even offered up to $10 an hour to compete with higher-paying oil field jobs. Yet the only calls were from other business owners upset they would have to raise wages, too. Of course, Francis’ current employees also wanted a pay hike.

“I don’t know what the answer is,” Francis said. “There’s just nobody around that wants to work.”

Okay, I’m not an Economics guru but even I can see the fallacy of Mr. Francis’ statement. The issue isn’t whether people want to work. In an economy where there’s two percent unemployment, the issue is that the near majority of people won’t work for only ten dollars an hour. If you’re not willing to pay more for your workers then you deserve all the headaches that worker shortages bring.