A Conditioned Response

Say you run a Federal Food Agency that has come under fire of late. Your agency is understaffed, and hasn’t been able to provide proper oversight to either Domestic foodstuffs and have ignored imported food almost completely. The Congress has taken you to task and the press has criticized your performance to no end.

What would be the proper response the above problems?

Well, if you ran the FDA, apparently you believe that closing seven of your 13 labs would be the best thing you could do.

WASHINGTON — A proposal to close Food and Drug Administration labs in Detroit and six other cities has touched off a battle on Capitol Hill, with critics saying the cuts come at a time when the agency should be doing more to guarantee the safety of food coming into the United States.

The FDA, which has oversight responsibility for four-fifths of the food imported into the country, says closing the labs will increase efficiencies, save money on rent, equipment and overhead costs and free funding for testing at larger, regional labs scattered across the nation.

The sites that will be closing include San Francisco; Denver; Kansas City; Alameda, Calif.; Winchester, Mass., and San Juan, Puerto Rico. It’s a good thing that these locations are no where near a major port or agricultural center.

Oh, wait a minute…

(h/t to Jason)