A Day at the Seattle PI

After reading this recipe in the Seattle PI, I imagined the following exchange to have occurred:

* * * * * *

EDITOR: Gather round food folk. We need a recipe for 3 inches of filler. Any ideas?

(Silence meets the editor, as the small handful of food and restaurant writers shuffle their feet, and look any where but at the person in charge)

EDITOR: C’mon people! There has to be something!

(The buzzing of the fluroscent lights can be heard. Someone in the back of the crowd softly clears their throat)

WRITER 1: Ummmm…

WRITER 2: Errrr…

WRITER 3: Ahhh…

WRITER 1: We got nuthin’.

EDITOR: Nothing? What about an appetizer?

WRITER 2: Used them all last week for the Super Bowl piece.

EDITOR: A Dessert recipe?

WRITER 3: We have several lined up for next weeks Valentine’s Day article.

EDITOR: Are you telling me we can’t think of anything?

Again, the silence is deafening. The writers are clearly embarrassed and cannot look their boss in the face. One of the writers starts twirling a filo-fax absent mindedly. After several seconds, an INTERN speaks up.

INTERN:(looking at piece coming into their feeds from the Cox News Service) What about Beergaritas…a Margarita recipe…but made with…beer?

WRITER 1: Sounds great!

WRITER 2: Perfect

EDITOR: Let’s run with that!

As the meeting breaks up in a hurry, the last writer looks about at the people leaving. He is soon speaking to no one in particular

WRITER 3: Um..has anyone even tried this recipe to see if it’s any good? Hello? Beer? In place of Tequila? That’s what we’re running with?