A Pilot’s Favorite Whiskey

Before going to far, A brief explanation what you are looking at. Clearly it’s a map, but one used for avionics, specifically in regard to Area Navigation (RNAV). RNAV uses waypoints as a method of navigation. They are everywhere, and there are many of them. And in order to keep them in straight from pilot to pilot, each gets a five-letter name that distinguish them from one another. These names are universal.

Below is a RNAV map showing the airport in Bardstown, Kentucky. Check out the waypoints and see if you can tell the favorite whiskey of the person who created the waypoint names for this region. (Click on the map for a larger view).

What this map says is that every pilot who wishes to land at the Bardstown airport has to go through MAKRZ, MAARK, and BARRL, and use MAASH and DSTIL if needed.

Other waypoints in the area include BRBON and JBEAM.

Alas, poor Evan Williams and Four Roses. Apparently no RNAV cartographer is a fan.

(Map ganked from the fine folks at www.terminalprocedures.com)