A Quick Apology, if you will

It has been noted that I tend to brush the definition of food industry with quite a large and wide brush, and almost never in a positive light. This position tends to detract from those in the food industry who are actually doing the work of the good (i.e. better tasting, better quality products, without the need of using public relations and marketing to tell us that they are better tasting and better quality).

For future reference, when I talk of the food industry as an single institution, I am almost always referring to the Conagras, Archer Daniel Midlands, and the Dean’s Dairies of the worlds, those types of companies that use their capital to lobby congress heavily and who work to silence or diminish the work of those who are filling the voids left by the shoddy work perpetuated by these aforementioned companies.

Meanwhile, I will endeavor to be a little more specific in the companies I accuse of power-mongering, as to not paint everyone with the same brush, especially those of you who visit this site on a regular basis, and have demonstrated a fair amount of knowledge and foresight on the issues brought forth.