Abruzzo – The Spicy Italian Region

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on regional Italian food, so I’m making up for that little fact by talking about Abruzzo. Plus it gives me the added benefit of using my brank spakin’ new Macbook. Yay me!

As one can see by the map to the right, Abruzzo falls smack in the middle of the East Coast of Italy. It doesn’t get all the play that Tuscany or Liguria gets in regard to its food, but it still can hold its own.

Much like a fair amount of Italy, the Abruzzo region has plentiful coastlines and mountains. What this means is that there’s the seafood dishes and the hearty dishes. Oh, and did I mention the pasta?

As we get further south in Italy, pasta is given greater importance. Abruzzo is the perfect example of that with their maccheroni alla chitarra (guitar pasta) made with a tool known as chitarra (guitar). This pasta maker is made of a wooden frame strung with parallel steel wires which the pasta dough is pushed through. This cuts the dough in the characteristic shape of spaghetti. From there the pasta is combined with any number of items, including tomatoes, lamb or even beans.

The area is also known for their spicy hot dishes, and the use of peppers to attain that level of heat. Dishes such as “agnello all’arrabbiata” (angry lamb) demonstrate this prediliction of the local folks. It’s difficult to dislike a cuisine that entitles the dish as “angry”.

In the coming weeks, expect four recipes from this region including one dessert. I promise to get cooking sometime soon, I promise.

(Pic courtesy of Wikipedia)

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