Abuse of Power

Yesterday Tara and I went and had brunch at the closest place that could hold the weight of our combined scrutiny, which is no easy feat. We ended up(as we often do) at Rosebud, a small place which is pleasant enough although certainly doesn’t blow me away the way other places in town do. She had the Eggs Blackstone; I had the specical of Prosciuto and Parmesan eggs. My meal was okay, but I secretly envied hers. I had been craving Eggs Blackstone ever since.

So I decided, once I got a fair amount of tasks accomplished this morning, I would treat myself. I would head back to Rosebud around lunch, and indulge.

But alas, the fates were against me…Well, not the fates as much as a hostess who had no clue on how to treat customers who walk off the streets. A perky blonde hostess who looked as if she was a new pledge for Kappa Gamma Delta.

“I’m sorry, we’re no longer seating anyone for brunch,” she told me.

I knew the place was busy, but wow. Perhaps I came in at the wrong time. It was about a quarter to one, maybe they stopped serving brunch at one. I walked back out front to check their hours.

Nope, they stopped serving brunch at two. What the heck? I walked back into the restaurant that I have frequented about 6 times this year. I asked the Reese Wetherspoon clone if she was sure. I firmly looked at the two tables that were right in front of us. Both tables perfect for teh single solitary customer who just wanted some Poached eggs with pepper over some tomatoes.

“We over booked for the day”, she perkily stated. “We are taking no more customers today”.

I left fuming. As I turned the corner, I pulled out my cell phone and called Rosebud. And I placed a reservation for one person for 20 minutes later. Now I was simply angry. I went to my second choice restauant , and ate. They did not have Eggs Blackstone.

Either the hostess was clueless or was singling me out because I was eating alone. I abhor the way some hosts and hostesses think that solitary eaters can be easily duped or pushed around.

After about an hour (giving them the chance to get through the rest of the brunch rush) I called Rosebud and talked to the Manager John and I let him know what had happened. He was apologetic, but I still will have to wait for my eggs.


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