Accidental Hedonist Ethical Guidelines

This post is probably several months late, but when it comes to the below, better late than never –at least I hope.

For those of you who have regularly visited Accidental Hedonist over the past year or so, have come to know that I have regularly struggled with the appearance of bias in regard to the plethora of free items being sent to me, as well as the idea of advertising on this site.

Such a internal debate is affordable when only a dozen or so people were reading my site. Now that readership has exploded into the thousands (roughly 3,000 readers a day when you take in RSS subscribers along with those who access this site directly) and I’m getting several products in the mail on a weekly basis, this debate is no longer an affordable luxury. I feel I need to let you readers know where I stand when it comes to certain behaviors and what they can expect from me in regard to certain situations.

This list will be set up in the upper Navigate corner for easy reference for all who wish to read. It will also be updated when situations call for it. I also would love any input on the guidelines listed below. I hope to create a dialogue surrounding this post and further define the ethical Guidelines for this site.


  • This site will take advertising. Money from advertising allows me to pay for technical costs, pursue related interests on the site and also affords me the possible opportunity to be an independent voice.
  • I will strive to ensure that the advertising does not adversely affect readers experiences. What this means is that there will be no pop-up or pop-under ads. Nor will advertising take up the majority of screen space on the site.
  • I will strive to ensure that the advertising does not adversely affect the load time of this site.
  • Advertisers have no say on the editorial policies of this site.
  • The posting of ads does not, nor should not constitute an endorsement of the advertised product.
  • I reserve the right to control which ads appear on this site.
  • You, as the reader, have the right to question me on any ad that appears on this site.
  • I will endeavor to not review a product that is currently being advertised upon my site.
  • I reserve the right to accept advertising from companies whose products I’ve previously reviewed.
  • I will never give a positive review of a product with the expressed purpose of drawing advertisers.

Reviewable Products and Activities

  • I reserve the right to accept products sent to me with the expressed intent of getting a mention on the Accidental Hedonist.
  • All products sent to me will first meet my Review Policy and Guidelines.
  • All opinions given in relation to a product shall be the result of my own critical analysis of the product, rather than a solicited response from a PR firm or Advertiser.
  • I will endeavor to alert the readership of how the reviewed product was acquired, whether through my own purchase, or a product provided at no cost.
  • I will endeavor to alert you, the reader, of any conflict of interest, presumed or actual, when reviewing a product.
  • Readers have the right to question whether I have a conflict of interest in regard to any review.
  • Readers have the right to their own opinion, and the right to respectfully vocalize that opinion in the comments.


  • I reserve the right to ask the readers of this site for advice in relation to future ethical dilemmas.
  • I reserve the right to be human and make mistakes, as long as I accept responsibility for my decisions.