Acqua cotta

I finally got around to making the second version of water soup (aka Acqua Cotta) last night, and I was pleasantly surprised. In truth, it’s not made of water, but of vegetable broth, being very heavy on onions, celery, tomato and spinach (and of course I added som red pepper and garlic to give it some depth). But even that’s only to hold the larger taste of the eggs.

That’s right, where as the previous version of water soup derived its flavor from garlic, this soup derives most of it from eggs. Two eggs (mixed with Parmesan cheese) give it a base texture and add some much needed saltiness to the dish. And then six eggs are poached for three minutes once the broth starts to boil again for a second time. So if you make this dish, make sure you liked poached eggs, or you’ll be a tad underwhelmed.

The dish gets to be a bit…well.. colorful, because, as with some soup from Italy and France, you ladle the soup onto bread. I grilled some foccaccia on the stove top, and the carbonized taste of the bread also gave the soup some added complexity.

I have to say that I liked this soup a great deal, although Michelle (who has been my guinea pig of late) wasn’t to thrilled…of course she’s not found of poached eggs either, so there you go.

Now I’m curious and want to see what Mario Batali’s version tastes like for comparison. I’ll think I’ll make a batch before I get into any severe honey recipes.