Adagio Tea: Product Test

Adagio tea

In looking over some of the previous product reviews, it seems as if I can be a tough grader. So the following review will be a bit of a shock for those of you who are looking for my cynical take on certain products.

I like this tea. I like this tea very much. It is clear that the folks at Adagio Teas understand the nuances of tea. All you need to do to understand this is open up one of their tea bags. Inside is found true loose leaf tea, enough for one cup. Not tea dust like you find in Tetley or Lipton bags, but honest to god loose leaf tea. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this

But how does it taste? Pretty damn good. I was going to compare it to Lipton, but Lipton is to tea as a cat is to a lion. Sure, they’re related but only in the vaguest sense.

Adagio Dragonwell tea won out when compared against Tazo’s green tea bags. Adagio had a full grassy taste (which is a good thing) compared to Tazo’s lighter, boxy taste.

Truth be told, I still prefer the looseleaf sans tea bags. Part of it is the taste, but most of my preference comes from the ritual of brewing a hot pot. However, I wouldn’t mind a cup of Adagio if I’m in an area where making a pot of tea isn’t an option (for instance, at work).

Now, permit me to wallow in my guilt for planting a big wet one on the Adagio company.

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