Admin Tabs and Cross Posting

Updated or Completed:

  • admin.php – Blog Settings: New bloggers can still see the Blog Settings tab but I set it to display b2evo’s standard permissions slogan “Sorry, you have no permission to edit/view any blog’s properties.”
  • admin.php – Tools: The movable type importer is gone. It can be a security risk with multiple blogs if not careful. The link still exists but it goes to a blank page. I want to keep the link there in the event I need to import MT data. This way I can turn the MT importer on and off as needed.
  • admin.php – Stats: I allowed recording and viewing of stats for new bloggers. Unless a food journal gets a LOT of hits, I don’t see b2evo’s stat logging procedure bogging down the server. This gives the journal writers a way to keep stats without needing external scripts.
  • admin.php – Files: File uploads work flawlessly and keep the uploaded files in separate folders for each user.
  • conf/admin.php – Cross Posting: changed the allow_cross_posting variable to option #2, “if you want to be able to cross-post among multiple blogs/categories”. This allows Kate to copy a user’s post to the front page while keeping comment links, trackback links, and permalinks intact.

Under Construction:

  • admin.php – Write – Preview button: Doesn’t work for journal bloggers due to link structure.
  • e-mail notification of pending comments
  • admin.php – Stats: verifying the stats are gathered and displayed properly
  • commets – draft status: I want to change the default status of comments to published and use a text form to authenticate users instead. That would allow immediate comment posting and not require the journal writer any extra work just to see the comments on their AH hosted blogs.
  • comment form – turing test: Adding text question user authentication stuffs to the comment form to filter spam.
  • post byline: condense to one line, not two