All Soylent Green Jokes Aside

A fully moderated discussion on meat and milk from cloned animals is going down as part of the BBC News Have Your Say beta.

Would you be happy to eat cloned meat? Could cloning techniques be used to boost food production? Are you in the US, if so, will you be taking part in the public consultation?

The thread is titled Would you eat cloned meat? and brought about several choice responses.

Ed, from Tampa, Florida wrote:

Would I eat clone meat…or will I? Since there are no requirements that meat pakagers require a label “saying” its cloned then I think we all will sooner or later.

I love this bit from elrohana, in Leeds:

I check for GM labels already and will not buy anything that has been tampered with – in fact, I am trying to grow my own veg this coming year to avoid having to eat pesticides. However I suspect that the British consumer is too canny to eat this stuff anyway. I can’t believe Americans would be so stupid either

Sarah in Boston penned:

To confidently claim that cloned food is completely harmless is arrogant and shortsighted. Most importantly, this meat should be labeled so as to provide consumers with a choice concerning what food we’re putting on the table.

There are a number of other great, articulate arguments in a place that gets very high traffic. Plus, the BBC news site is fairly up-to-date with all the good techy stuff. There is an RSS feed for the entire discussion.