An Accidental Hedonist Experiment – Your comments appreciated

I know this post will sound weird, but I want to run something by you, the readers.

It seems that lately I’m getting noticed by folks that extend beyond the blogging community, as I have been contacted to report on new product releases. Rather than make a decision behind the scene on whether I should do this or not, I think keeping a level of transparency with the readers here seem to be the best way to do this without offending anyone.

So I offer the following: When I am contacted by these individuals, I’ll post their proposal and let you the reader tell me if I should do it or not. Let’s see how this goes.

In that spirit, let me post one such proposal: Read it and let me know in the comments if I should do it. (Names have been X’d out to prevent any unneeded or unwanted promotion and invasion of Privacy).

Hi Kate,

Let me start off by saying that I work for an agency that works for XXXXX, the maker of the new XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX plates & bowls. We are doing online outreach for the product through influential folks like yourself and would like to know if you’d be interested in participating in the product launch.

The company I work for is one of the world’s largest PR firms, called XXXXX; we’re a subsidiary in XXXXXXX, MI called XXXXXX. My full contact information is at the bottom of this e-mail.

I understand if you are skeptical, so I’m offering to send you links to web sites of other product launches that we’ve done and the responses showing this is legit. In fact, if you search Google using my name and company name (XXXXXX) you’ll find reviews of similar product launches where my name is referenced.

So let me cut to the chase: I was browsing around some blogs and saw that you enjoy cooking… which ultimately leaves to leftovers. I’m wondering if you’d like to try the XXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXX products. They’re not on the market yet, but I have an order coming in pre-launch.

The plates and bowls are absolutely free, and in return the only thing my client has asked is that you post a review of the product on your blog.

If this is something you’re interested in, please get in touch with my assistant, xxxxx and she will add your name to the fulfillment list today and answer any questions that you might have.


So how about it fellow hedonists: Should I get some free plates and write about it? A straight up or down vote in the comments is all that’s needed.

Personally, I don’t care either way.