An Almost Perfect Sandwich

There comes a time when one has to either get serious about sandwiches, or simply dismissive them as another one of those common dishes that serious food media rarely talk about. I proudly wear the badge of someone who fits into the former category, and am not beyond dismissing the opinions of those who fall into the latter.

This joy has led me on a lifelong quest of finding one of the most rare of treats – the perfect sandwich. Very few sandwiches ever get called perfect. Primanti Bros’ in Pittsburgh gets a 10, as does Saigon Deli here in Seattle, when they are on their game.

I also go on this quest at home from time to time, where I put in the time, effort, and requisite financial resources to create such a fine specimen. Last night was one of those nights.

I had based the recipe off a sandwich I had whilst visiting friends in Bristol. One can find the basis of this recipe at any Gourmet Burger Kitchen location in the United Kingdom.

The concept is simple in theory, but requires a bit of time in order to create. Chorizo and Sweet Potato chips on a toasted bun are the base essentials. To this I added shredded cabbage that I had combined with a jalapeno\chipotle dressing. Not thinking that was enough, I topped it with crumbled cojita cheese.

The result? Well, to the untrained eye, this would look like a masterpiece. But if I were to rate it honestly, I would only give it a 4 out of five stars. The issue is not with the ingredients, which were marvelous. The problem was with the bun/meat/sweet potato ratio. Either less bun or more meat is needed, and more sweet potato chips were required, regardless of the bun/meat ratio. Once the proper quantities are figured out, this could be one of those elusive perfect sandwiches. So back to the drawing board for me.

However, if you are not as particular about your sandwiches as I am, this recipe is satisfactory, and also has the benefit of being unique enough that it will break you out of your stale sandwich routine.