An English to Scottish Dictionary entry: Pheasant

Pronunciation: \ˈfe-zənt\
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pheasant or pheasants

1 : any of numerous large often long-tailed and brightly colored Old World gallinaceous birds (Phasianus and related genera of the family Phasianidae) including many raised as ornamental or game birds.

2 : A game bird served at many higher end restaurants in dishes such as Supreme of pheasant and Pheasant under glass.

3 : An extremely stupid bird

4 : Road Kill

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In driving around the Highlands and in the Speyside area, it was remarkable just how many pheasant we had seen flying about. Even more remarkable was how many we saw that hadtheir lives ended on the road.

In talking with the owner of the hotel where we are currently located, he mentioned that come hunting season, most people can’t give away the game birds, as there are so many. He has heard of many local hotels here in Speyside purchasing a handful of birds for as little as one pound. To put that in context, imagine buying a whole chicken for two dollars, and you’ll get a good idea on just how many of them are around this area.