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Canadian School to Ronald McDonald : Don’t let the door hit ya’ where the good lord split ya’.

Education officials say Ronald McDonald, the clown mascot for fast-food giant McDonald’s, sends contradictory and confusing messages during his appearances in elementary schools to promote fitness and healthy eating.

The department has sent a memo to all school districts advising them that the McDonald’s clown is inconsistent with the fitness goals and objectives of the province’s school system.

Amen. Out of the many dispicible things Fast Food has done, I think how they’ve insinuated themselves into classrooms is the worst. I have no problems with them selling their wares. I have no problem with the calorie content of their food. I have many problems with them getting free advertising in school and/or supplying the kids with lunches, and then trying to deflect any criticism thrown at them by providing “educational” classes about nutrition and exercise. Can you say “Mixed messages”? I knew that you could.

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