An Organic Observation

Out of all of the questions and observations surrounding the organic food industry, I feel that the primary lesson that we should all take out of its success is this – At it’s core, The success of the organic industry has to do with consumer’s distrust of the conventional industrial food model than for any other reason.

That distrust may be overt, inherent, or subdued, but it’s still there none the less. If a person buys organic because they think it’s more nutritious, more environmentally sustainable, tastes better than food provided by Agri-business, or any variation of a “better alternative” argument, all lend credence to the above observation.

Think about that for a moment…most everyone who has helped maked organic food a 51 BILLION dollar industry, did so because they thought that this alternative was better than the conventional model.

Whether correct or incorrect, I believe it is safe to say that purveyors of the conventional model have a problem on their hands. And I’m not necessarily sure that it’s a problem that can be solved by direct means. In fact, the cheapest (and some would argue, most effective) means that the conventional purveyors have is not in delivering a better product, but rather in affecting the reputation of the organic model for the worse.

Just some thoughts.

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