And Now – A Moment of Reflection

This weekend, we spent a fair amount of time at the West Seattle Festival. And when I say that we spent a “fair amount of time”, what I mean is about 1 hour combined, even though we visited the festival each of the three days.

Trip one was about casing the scene in order to plan future visits. Saturday’s trip was about visiting a newly opened bakery called the Shoofly Pie Co. and purchasing their wares (a Key Lime pie and, of course, a Shoofly pie. On the way home we each picked up a gyro from one of the several food stalls.

Sunday? Sunday was a quick jaunt into the throngs in order to procure corn dogs and BBQ brisket. Did I say throngs? I did, as they were the primary reason we spent more time walking to the festival then at the festival itself. Tara and I are not fond of large crowds.

We are clearly fans of fair food, for reasons that I cannot fathom. Apparently getting food served in the hot outdoors by disinterested teens brings a quality to the food that I was previously unawares. The brisket was good, if not a little tough, everything else was…well…fair.

The pies were excellent, and I shall hopefully be talking more about them further on down the road.

- – - – - – -

I am currently have in my possession something that I so terribly want to talk about, but have to hold my tongue . Big news is coming, I promise you.

Meanwhile, I would like to ask your input on this here website. Consider this post your opportunity for you to voice your opinion on the state of Accidental Hedonist. Is there a need I’m not meeting? Is there a topic you would like to see more of, or less of? Do you like the design? Hate it?

As I alluded to, big changes are coming and they will directly affect this site. Now is your chance to add your voice to the others already adding their input.