And now for a bit of Vegetarian Haggis

I’m fairly sure that the phrase of this post has rarely been uttered. But it sort of rolls off of the tongue, does it not?

At any rate, vegetarian haggis does exist, found here, and forwarded to me by my future travel-in-crime partner Krysta.

This would be an opportune moment to bring up my ever more hackneyed disbelief of meat-like vegetarian dishes. Logically, I get it. Tastes and desires dictate the need for certain dishes to exist, a statement even more true in the vegetarian world. This is an educated guess, to be sure, but it seems logically consistent.

Emotionally though, I always have problems with dishes like these. Because if your body or mind is telling you that you desire the flavor of sheep’s hearts, livers, lungs, that has been minced with onion, oatmeal, and suet, then a large part of me believes that your body isn’t buying the whole vegetarian program.

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