And now, I present you all, Accidental Hedonist’s new guest blogger:

When Kate gave me the short list of potential guest bloggers, there was only one that I felt was up to the job, and I said as much. She writes a food blog called Sassy Radish, and I don’t know if she’s chosen a pseudonym to protect her privacy yet, so I’ll just refer to her as Sassy Radish.

Without further delay, here are the five questions I posed to her (via email) in an effort to get to know her better:

Gezellig Girl: How long have you been cooking/baking?

Sassy Radish: I’ve been cooking and baking really since I was about 5. The first conscious memory I have of helping out in the kitchen, besides washing dishes, which I hated, was when my mom gave me a paring knife and asked me to snip the ends off of radishes – which were my favorite vegetable growing up. And after that, we got to make my favorite vegetable salad with them – it was sheet bliss and I remembered thinking back when I was a kid, how food can be such an amazing way to bring people together and to foster these incredible memories. When my mom and I used to bake, she’d give me scraps of her dough and I’d make this circular Russian fairy-tale character “Kolobokˮ and used raisins for eyes and tried to give it a nose and a mouth, except that, after sitting in a hot oven for an hour, the facial features would merge and I would have a face with only eyes – creepy, but I’d eat it anyway!

GG: What are your favorite foods to make?

SR: I think if I had to pick things I absolutely love, they’re almost embarrassingly simple and are all comfort foods – rice with yogurt and lime pickle, potatoes and herring, mashed potatoes with olive oil. I am less into pastas, unless I make the pasta. I love to make quesadillas and guacamole. And when the weather gets cold, I love making soups, stewe, and I think my all time favorite meal is the Thanksgiving one. I’m getting more into dessert because it’s so exacting and I like the challenge of things being so regimented, which probably a good glimpse into my personality. I’ve become that girl who always has room for dessert, and now, I’m a proud owner of an ice cream maker and I’m obsessed with it! David Lebovitz’s new book is going to be put to some good use this summer! Overall, I like to create foods that are made from whole, unprocessed ingredients – Heidi from has been an incredible inspiration in this regard – and as I was getting more familiar with her blog, I realized that this is what I’ve been trying to communicate with food all along. Cooking food with whole, natural ingredients, preferably grown locally by small farmers, getting in-season produce – cooking with conscience – that’s what I really want to communicate. So that food is not only consumed as something sensory, that is pleasure-based, but also that it’s consumed with a conscious understanding of where food comes from, how it was treated. I guess I’m a little political with food!

GG: Why do you blog and how long have you been blogging?

SR: I had this crazy notion in college that I was going to graduate, work in finance for awhile, and then quit because this ezine I was going to start would become this amazing sensation and I’d manage it full-time. I had no aspirations of becoming uber-wealthy, just wanted to be a writer and share thoughts with other writers. I wanted to have sections of this ezine devoted to arts, news, cooking, etc. and I recruited friends of mine to work on them – but then reality set in and everyone was so busy with work, that the zine, became a personal zine, and the appropriate name for that would be a “blogˮ so that’s how I got into it. But overall, personal blogging wasn’t for me – I found that I didn’t have anything all that relevant or witty to say – I didn’t think it was all that grand to write about failed romance and whatnot, but I loved writing and photography and cooking – so that’s how it happened. I think that is about 2 years old.

GG: What is your favorite post (on your own blog) so far?

SR: I went back to review the posts and I don’t think I have a favorite one. It’s tough for me to pick my own favorites. I could tell you what I didn’t like about certain posts, but I can’t find one that I think was amazing. I guess I’m a bad self-promoter.

GG: What do you do when you’re not cooking/blogging?

SR: I am usually at work a lot – I work in finance and I love what I do, and it’s quite time-consuming. When I am not at work or cooking/blogging, I try to see friends, hang out with my boyfriend, go for jogs, walks with him. I photograph and read a lot as well. And now, I get to play around in our mini-garden on the roofdeck – we’re planting herbs and veggies – it’s like our little farm! I am so excited and I worry about the plants during the day – like is the sun too scorching for them, do I need to give them more compost? How I make compost? Will the harvest be good? I feel personally responsible for these little green guys. So that’s my boyfriend’s and mine new obsession.

And that, my friends, brings us to the end of my rein as the regularly scheduled guest blogger of Accidental Hedonist. I’ll be posting now and then, sooner or later, whenever the urge strikes me, so you’re not completely rid of me.

So, when there’s breaking news about bees or a story about sourdough I just have to share, you’ll be hearing from me. Until then…