Announcement: Grub Crawl v.1.0 – Capital Hill Seattle

It’s a habit I’ve gotten into which most people find odd: When I go out to eat, I sometimes go to more than one restaurant. I will have an entree at one location and if my stomach is up to it, I will meander to another restaurant for dessert.

When a friend of mine told me that he didn’t think too much about food, I used it as an excuse to set up a walking tour of restaurants right here in Seattle. I wanted to show him what food can do, and how local restaurants can go further than franchises. I arranged a grub crawl (a play on the phrase ‘pub crawl’, which is a drinking event that encourages folks to drink at more than one event.) for my friend as well as anyone else who might be interested. So far we have 6 people who have given a tentative “yes” to particpate in this crawl on Wednesday, Nov 10th.

Our itinerary?

  • Wine and Cheese at Lark 6-7pm
  • Entree (crepes) at 611 Supreme 730-9pm
  • Dessert at Tango 9pm to whenever

In thinking about it, I thought we could turn this into a international meme. I have no idea on how many people might be interested in this, so I’m just putting out some feelers. This leads me to a few notes:

1) If you are in the Seattle area on Nov 10th and wish to participate, e-mail me at Kate(at)accidentalhedonist(dot)com. Keep in mind there will be some drinking and frivolity.

2) If you wish, feel free to arrange your own grub crawl in your neck of the woods. I only have two rules for a grub crawl: You must go to more than one restaurant and the restaurants you choose should not be a franchise.

3) I wish to keep this a quarterly activity, instead of a monthly one.

The purpose is two-fold: to enjoy great foods with even greater friends and to frequent some of our favorite privately owned restaurants.

Leave me a comment below if you have any questions or plan on doing something.