Another HFCS List Update

The List of products containing High Fructose Corn Syrup is getting fairly extensive. Today, I’ve updated it a smidge, adding a fair amount of Kraft food products and items that Jack has researched and sent my way.

A couple of notes:

Firstly, Oscar Meyer is a brand that seems to have no problem in shamlessly marketing their foods to kids.

Second, there are a couple of items whose names made me smirk in cynical disdain:

Can anyone at Kraft tell me the difference between “Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce – Smokehouse Hickory” and “Bull’s Eye BBQ Sauce – Sweet Hickory Smoke”? They seem to be the same product.

And as for “Stove Top Stuffing – Homestyle Herb” – any MegaFoodCorp product with the name “Homestyle” in its product title is either:

a) an ironic statement
b) wishful thinking
c) said tongue in cheek
d) all of the above

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