Another HFCS update – Kellogg’s gets hit hard

Thanks to the Search function on Kellogg’s website, we’ve been able to add a whole bunch of new products to the HFCS list. And yes, a wikipedia entry is forthcoming.

While on the subject of Kellogg’s, can I add my two cents on something that’s been on my mind? Of course I can!

Can we stop calling these products “cereal bars“? They’re cookies dammit, and no amount of marketing is going to convince me otherwise.

While I’m at it, let me make a distinction for the folks at Kellogg’s. This is a pastry. This is not. According to wikipedia, good pastries are light and airy, made with butter, and have a richness about them. A Toaster Pastry, however, is thick and dense, and chock full of sweetners. They have never, in my experience, been light and airy. So either you’ve always made bad pastries, or you’re actually making a different product. Though some will claim you are guilty of both, let’s give you the benefit of the doubt. You are not actually making Pastries, but in fact, are making more cookies. Given the fact that you own the Keebler brand, this makes the most sense.

(Many thanks to Jack for pointing me to Kellogg’s, and to Kelli at Culinary Epiphanies for pointing out Pepperidge Farm’s and Starbucks)

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