Another Possible Mad Cow case?

If this turns out be the case, this would be episode three of the latest episode of “Watch the USDA stumble around in the Dark”.

Two points to think about that come from the article:

Of the 96 million U.S. cattle, the government has tested more than 419,000 for mad cow disease.

That’s a little over 4 tenths of one percent for a statistical sampling base. That’s a very, very….very low sample to draw conclusions from.

Second point?

(John) Clifford said the possibility of a new case should not hinder efforts to persuade Japan to lift a ban on U.S. beef imposed after the Washington state case. Japan, which purchased $1.5 billion in beef in 2003, agreed to lift its ban last fall but still has not done so.

Quick side note: John Clifford is the USDA’s chief veterinarian.

Let’s not forget why the USDA has motivation for NOT acknowledging a BSE problem…and 1.5 billion dollars to the cattle industry is a fairly big motivation.

Seriously, the USDA needs to clean up their act. Until they put in a substantial testing process, all of their numbers and all of their motivations are suspect.

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