Another Volley in the Foie Gras Debate

Chefs at 20 different restaurants in Philadelphia are celebrating foie gras with a weeklong tasting menu.

“For us it’s a freedom-of-choice thing. We don’t want people telling us what to do,” (says chef Michael) McNally, who has spent about $20,000 in legal fees over the protests, said Wednesday.


McNally, who co-owns London with his ex-wife, Terry, said he typically offers foie gras only in a butter he makes for New Year’s Eve and other special events. But he and others question whether the protests would end with foie gras. The next foods under attack might be veal, lobster or chicken, given concerns about the way those foods are brought to market, they say.

I realize that this is likely a PR campaign to get people into their restaurants. But even so, good for them. Banning foods on questionable moral grounds is a slippery slope, and it’s time people starting realizing that.