ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!! Foie Gras 2: The Return

If this rumor about foie gras is true then I have the following question:

Is Michael Panter…

a) an idiot?
b) clueless?
c) looking to score ‘easy’ political points?

According to Anthony Bourdain, freshmand New Jersey Assemblyman Michael Panter (who happens to be a vegetarian) will introduce a bill making production and sale of foie gras in that state a crime. Mr. Bourdain explains that “D’Artagnan, the premier supplier of foie gras and foie-gras related products for New York tri state area restaurants and retail would be forced to go out of business or move elsewhere”.

Look, I’ve mentioned this before. This isn’t so much an issue about foie gras as it as about having a government dictate choices based on morality…a morality, by the way, that not everyone shares. Imagine if an assemblyman wanted to ban veal or horsemeat. Oh wait, too late for that one.

I would like to point out that many New Jersey farms were dealt a serious financial blow with the latest Spinach/E. Coli outbreak. They paid a financial penalty for a problem in which they were not the cause. I would love to hear how much attention Assemblyman Panter is giving that issue, and whether that issue is more or less important than the foie gras one. I, for one, would be thrilled to know how Panter would like to prevent tainted spinach from other parts of the country reach his constituents’ tables, and how much effort and work he is putting in to reach those ends.

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