Audience Participation: You ask the questions!

Things are in the works here at the Hedonist. I’m currently talking with a PR person who is looking to arrange an interview with an upper-tier chef here in the Seattle area. The idea being that the chef (and their new digs) gets some publicity, and I get a post out of the deal.

If this goes well enough, you, the reader, may see more interviews down the road. My long term goal for this is to actually have well known chefs answer questions directly on this here blog. We’ll see how this works.

But for now what I need is your help. I have a list of questions that I think would be interesting, but I don’t want this interview to be all about my curiousity. So, in the interest of creating a cool post, if you were to go into an interview with a chef (who’s ID is currently unknown to you), what questions would you prepare?

Post your questions in the comments section, and when the interview takes place, I’ll be sure to ask the most interesting. The results will be posted in a forthcoming post.