Autumn Memories

Autumn is my favorite time of year. Winter is a distant second.

This is the season of bounty, with a crisp chill in the air that you could swear that you smell. The leaves change, frost is more prevalent, and most importantly, harvest time.

In western Pennsylvania this meant apples, and lots of them. Depending upon the school district, either the kids in Junior Achievement would be selling fresh apple cider, or the kids in Future Farmers of America. Apples could be had from small stands found on the sides of the roads in the more rural areas.

It also meant hunting. You don’t mess around with the hunting schedule. This is an area of the country where the first day of deer season is taken so seriously that it’s a school holiday. If you had a decent hunter in your family, you could be assured of venison in December. If you had a serious hunter in your midst, wild turkey could be had as well.

But what makes the Fall so important to me is the fact that the three great food holidays all line up in three straight months. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. If one wanted to look forward into the deeper recesses of winter, you could count New Years Day and Super Bowl Sunday as additional food holidays.

It is now October 1st. My favorite season is back.