Ayinger Jahrhundert Bier

It hasn’t taken too long to figure out my likes and dislikes in the beer world. It’s not one specific aspect that makes me migrate to only one sort of beer, but several that make me appreciate the good beers that much better.

For example, I like the taste of grain. The taste of barley, rye, or even wheat, in a beer makes me smile.

Which brings me to helles. Helles is a type of beer done in the lager style, that was created in response to pilsners. They take the hoppiness of pilsners and add some malt balance, as well as spiciness, to the mixture. Out of all of the lagers recently sampled, I’ve definately found myself appreciating the helles more than the rest.

I got this bottle from a friend of mine. I have no idea how long it has traveled the world to get into my little hands. But I’m quite glad I was able to get a sample.

Appearance: A nice straw gold color. A little more opaque than American Lagers. A nice head with a delicate belgium lace as the head very slowly dissipates.

Aroma: A little floral aroma followed a bit by sharpness. The hops are rather prevelant.

Taste: A nice hoppy start that attenuates just enough to allow the taste of the grain to come forth. Nice, bready aftertaste in the back of the throat as it finishes. Very nice. Very, Very nice.

Mouthfeel: Ever present with enough carbonation to keep one happy. A little watery at the end, but not overly so.

Overall: Quite nice. Highly recommended.

Rating: A