Babies in Restaurants

Hsiao-Ching Chou suggests the following:

I understand that not all babies are good restaurant babies and not all parents are good restaurant parents. So I propose that restaurants establish family nights when parents can take the kids and not worry whether a screech here and there will ruin someone else’s dinner.

I know that there are a few parents out there who would disagree with any idea that implies that their children are anything but precious darlings. And not being a parent myself, it would seem heartless for me to say anything that contradicts their beliefs.

That being said, I think it’s interesting to note that a food writer and parent acknowledges the fact that there are some moments when a child can ruin a meal for other patrons of a restaurant. Clearly there are parents out there who recognize that this can happen from time to time.

So kudos to Seattle restaurant Crush for making a family night; a night, in effect, that allows parents to feel a little less self conscious about their kids acting like kids. I think exposing children to any restaurants that don’t provide “Happy Meals” is a good thing.