Back to the Three Rivers

This weekend I found myself back in my hometown of Pittsburgh. After moving to Seattle, I had resigned to myself that it would be a rare moment for me to ever return to the Steel City. But research into whisky gave me the opportunity.

Above, is a picture of my favorite sandwich, a Primanti Brother’s Capicola with Cheese, topped with a fried egg.Added to the sandwich are a vinegar based cole slaw and french fries. In Pittsburgh, these are condiments rather than side items. Below, an Iron City Beer, possibly the worst lager beer with the largest cult following (aside from, y’know, Budweiser).

When Krysta met me in the airport, the first thing out of my mouth was “We HAVE to go to Primanti’s”. Ninety minutes later, I had converted her into a fan. Primanti’s is the only food out there that can make an Iron City beer taste passable.

Sunday we spent the day doing a little research into both the Whiskey Rebellion and Western Pennsylvania’s past whiskey history. Afterwards, we drove to New Kensington where I grew up. But really, the best part of this trip back the ‘burgh? It’s the picture above.

The worst part?

The picture below.

Iron City? Oh it’s pretty bad.