Beer from the Hindenburg

Scott sent the following to me, and it most certainly caught my interest:

Beer Bottle from Hindenburg Disaster, World’s Most Expensive
Singed Bottle of Lowenbrau Recovered From Historic Inferno Could Fetch $8,000

A singed bottle of beer recovered from the ashes of the Hindenburg disaster is expected to fetch $4,000 to $8,000 at auction this weekend — the highest price ever for a bottle of beer.

Two things of note.

1) It’s interesting, at least to me, to compare a historic bottle of whiskey against a historic bottle of beer. Certain bottles of whiskey can get $50,000 at an auction. Beer gets about 1/10th of that. That puts all of those beer can collections into some sort of perspective.

2) As I told Scott in an e-mail yesterday, Lowenbrau should absolutely put this in a commercial of some sort. “Lowenbrau: A beer so bold, even the fiery wreckage of the Hindenburg couldn’t destroy it”.

Or would that be in bad taste?

Thanks Scott!