Beer Reviews: Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Now starts the beers that I’ve actually been looking forward to since this endeavor began. Porters are up first, specifically Oregon’s own Deschutes brewery and their Black Butte Porter.

Appearance: A deep, dark brown, nearly black beer, The head is thick in appearance with light brown coloring. The head seems to last forever. Light Belgian lace when it does dissipate.

Aroma: Slight roasted hint ontop of the stronger sweet-like toffee aroma. Virtually no bitterness nor hops to be found. There is a hint of malt, but not overly so like you find in bocks. If there’s a word for this aroma, it’s “restrained”.

Taste: Lighter than I expected, and more watery as well, but then again, I come more from a stout fan POV. The roasty aromas lend themselves to the taste with the finish lasting for a while. Nice, warm dark flavors are there. Hints of coffee, but only just. No bitterness at all.

Mouthfeel: Light carbonation. The zing comes from the finish and the initial roasty flavors. It does feel watery as well, and I’m not sure that this is a plus.

Drinkability: An excellent example of a porter, but with one glaring weakness – the strong flavors found in the taste can be overshadowed by the wateryness of the mouthfeel. But the mouthfeel is the only problem here, and it’s not that of a big one.

Overall: A-