Beer Reviews: Samichlaus Bier Helles

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Now, let’s move on to this big bruiser of a beer. An Austrian Beer, BA calls this a Doppelbock, yet the label says it’s a Helles. Personally, I don’t think either is correct, as the Alcohol by Volume (ABV) comes in at a near punishing 14%, much higher than typical examples of either types of the beer. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be an eisbock, as the character seems to be what one would expect. But for an eisbock to be called as such, it has to go through a very specific process, i.e. freezing off some of the water content. And I don’t think that this beer has had that done.

Whooops. Did you see what I did there? I went into deep beer-geek speak. My apologies.

At any rate, onto the Review:

A nice amber-orange like color . Carbonation seems strong, but truth is somewhere else (see mouthfeel). No head or lace to speak of after a minute or so.

Aroma is a fruity, berry like smell, light but very present.

Nothing like I’ve ever tasted before. Sweet and caramel-like with a finish that is quite sugary. Novelty alone gets the taste rating up. Finish lasts long as well, but the sweetness gets a to be a bit cloy.

As far as the mouthfeel, for all of the carbonation that appears to be present, the mouthfeel seems a bit light. The snap of good carbonation is missing, or at least less than the drink advertises.

Overall? A good beer, not great. This would be a nice dessert beer to go with a cake or something. It’s a little too sweet at the end, and a little less than sharp in the mouthfeel. But it is worth trying to see something different.

Final Rating: B