Beer Reviews: St. Feuillien Saison

Appearance: If it wasn’t for the head, you’d swear you were looking at unfiltered apple cider. Opaque with a hint of deep yellow gold. The head itself is strong, with a slight tan tint. The head is good and bold and lasts for a bit, and leaves a nice bit of belgian lacing.

Smell: Not strong, in fact it could be a little more bold. Malt with a hint of bitter hops in the back. Not subtle, but certainly not overpowering.

Taste: Deep and rich up front, but becomes quickly watery on the finish. One would think that the flavor would last a little longer. The hoppy bitterness is slightly there and partakes in whatever finish is there. Better tasted with a big gulp than a little sip. No sourness was apparent which is against the standard, but doesn’t really detract overall.

Mouthfeel: eh. There’s a little zip here, but for being a Belgian brew, I was anticipating more of a party on the tongue. As it is, it’s okay, and meets the light mouthfeel standard of the BJCP, but a watery finish leaves it less than it can be. Keep in mind that this may be due to packaging, and may not be indicative of the beer as intended.

Drinkability: This seems an average beer in that it forgettable. Not good enough to instantly recalled when talking about great beers, nor bad enough to draw any harsh criticisms.

Rating: C if you’re looking to get a review against type, B if you want to know how palatable it is.