Beer > Water???

For some reason, my mind can’t seem to get itself around the following:

A beer after playing a game of football, a long run, or a strenuous round of golf can be good for the body, scientists say.

In a rare piece of good news for those who like a pint, Spanish researchers say beer can help someone who is dehydrated retain liquid better than water.

Prof Manuel Garzon, of Granada University, also claimed the bubbles in beer help to quench the thirst and that its carbohydrate content can help to replace lost calories.

Logically, my mind can make the connection as to what is being said by the scientists, but my imagination keeps making its own commercial.



An in shape twenty something husband has a gym bag over his shoulder. He kisses his wife good bye

I’m off to work out. I should be back in an hour.



A close up of the same husband, and he is seen getting off of an elliptical machine. He’s sweaty and breathing deep as he grabs his towel. The camera pulls back off of him and it’s clear that the gym contains many neon lights promoting various beers, a juke box, and a bar in which barflys of all shapes and sizes are seated. Heavy Metal music plays in the background. He sits, hails the bartender, and orders.

A pint of whatever you have on draft.

The camera pulls even further back, and we see stairmasters, treadmills, Weight machines, etc.

Drink Beer! Because Gatorade is for pansies!


(h/t to The Food Section)