Blog Day 2005

The latest word on the street is that today is “Blog Day – 2005” The Purpose of BlogDay? From their website

BlogDay was initiated with the belief that bloggers should have one day which will be dedicated to know other bloggers , from other countries or areas of interests. In that day Bloggers will recommend about them to their Blog visitors.

So, I can either recommend other food blogs from other countries, or blogs not about food. I will do a little of both. These are blogs that I read on an everyday basis, thanks in large part to the fine folks at Bloglines.

Below the initial five, I’ve added five food blogs that I think you might get a kick out of. These folks show a passion for food which exceeds mine.

James Wolcott: Probably the best know blogger of my recommendations, Mr. Wolcott is a Vanity Fair writer and famous book author. He writes mostly about politics on his site, with equal amounts insight and vitriol. The guy simply takes no prisoners.

ProBlogger: Darren is an Australian who actually makes a living at blogging. I don’t know how he does it, and to be honest, I’m a little envious. Luckily, part of his blogging empire includes a blog on the best ways to improve ones site in order to make a little scratch. In short, the man knows about blogging the way that fish know about swimming. When I’m looking for a little meta-blog news, this is the first place I stop.

Tricks of the Trade: Exactly what it sounds like – a site devoted to little hacks that make various jobs easier. I know I’ll never use about 99% of what is posted there, but I find it fascinating nontheless.

Just-foods food business blog: A Food Business blog based in the UK, it provides me a view onto the business side of the global food stage, something that American food media seems to overlook a great majority of the time. Many of their posts have led to posts of my own from a US perspective.

PVP Online: Okay, this is only a part time blog, most of the time it’s a comic strip, so I’m stretching the rules a bit. The comics are worth your time, especially if your a computer geek. I’m enthralled by Scott’s artwork. I’m also impressed that via his blog he notes his own perspective on the comic industry as well as (at times) the limitations of his own talent. But most of the time he talks about video games. Go for the comic, stay for the chat.

Food Blogs

I’m now going to extend my blogs by listing a few lesser known food blogs that I think need attention. These guys are putting in the hard work and have provided me with thought provoking posts and recipes that made my head spin.

Raspil’s Blog: Raspil is currently in culibnary school, and her posts are mostly about that. But it’s more than food, it’s about Raspil’s life and how she’s making it herself. Her prose is brusk, but also haiku-like at times. Did I mention that she impressed Alton Brown?

Gastronomie: A wonderful food blog from Fatemeh, she’s part of the massive San Fran food blog contingency. I find her posts delightful and to the point. Her dog, Phineas Frogg, is darn cute to boot.

U.S. Food Policy: Fellow food political traveler Parke Wilde gives his posts a great deal of thought, and brings us foodies into a world which we sometimes overlook.

The Countess: If there’s anyone else in the food blogosphere most like myself, I’d have to say it’s Trish. As she wrote to me, her approach to food is to highlight “La Dolce Vita”, something in which I can completely appreciate.

Traveler’s Lunch Box: Melissa lives in Scotland, but has lived in many places around the world. Her writing is both personal but colorful, and she creates a great amount of atmosphere in her posts. She’s also well-researched, a trait I admire greatly.

There are so many food blogs out there, and so many I enjoy. Everyone deserves attention, but I’m gonna have to stop here at five.

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