Book Update and the First Call for Experts

I wanted to touch base with those of you who are interested about the Whiskey book that I’ve been working on.

In the right hand column, there are three status bars, indicating my progress on various drafts of the book. I’m currently working on the first draft, and want to have about 72000 words completed before I add the roughly 28000 words from when I travel to Ireland, Scotland, Kentucky/Tennessee, and Canada. That will give me 100K words from which I can pare down to roughly 85k for the second draft. The final goal is to refine the second draft and deliver a little over 70K for the final draft.

That’s the plan, but I recognize that there may need to be updates beyond the second draft. I’m hoping this won’t come to pass. Because I won’t be able to travel until Early 2008 (trips are tentatively planned for Feb and April), I will be in a bit of a time crunch for the due date of August, 2008. We’ll see how I’m able to juggle that.

At any rate, I’ve hit just over 25% for the first draft, and have found a bit of a framework from which I can lay in the basic path of the store/history.

To that end, I find myself in need of some expert opinions. If you know anything about Irish History or Irish Whiskey (or the history of Irish Whiskey), or if you know anyone who fits the aforementioned description, I would like to hear from you. You can e-mail me at Kate AT accidentalhedonist DOT com. If everything goes right, then you may find your name in the final book.

Many thanks!