Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings

When I lived in Columbus, Ohio during the early 90′s, I fell in love with a now-massively- franchised restaurant called BW3‘s. I loved the place because they had Satellite Bar Trivia (as I said previously, I’m a geek), but it in playing in a trivia tournement league (think: bowling leauge for eggheads), I developed a penchant for buffalo wings.

And yes, they’re called Buffalo Wings. Not Hot Wings, not Devil Wings, but Buffalo Wings. Why? Because they were invented in Buffalo, New York (at the Anchor Bar, to be more specific). If you’ve been to Buffalo, you know that they need all the good publicity they can muster. Although the word on the street is that they are simply called “chicken wings” or “wings” in the Buffalo area, so take my word with a grain of salt.

The recipe is easy. Fry the wings, coat them with hot sauce and butter. Bing, Bang, Zoom, you’re on your way.

The trick (and the fun, according to the hot sauce cultists), is figuring out which hot sauces to use. For the recipe below, I used 2/3rd Cholula, 1/6 Scorned Woman and 1/6 Pain is Good Louisiana Style Hot Sauce. Oh, and a few splashes of Tobasco.

The technique of this recipe was found on the Hot Sauce Blog. If you’re into Hot Sauces, head their way.

  • 6 oz of hot sauce
  • 6 oz melted butter
  • 1/8 cup sugar
  • 2 lbs chicken drummettes, cut
  • oil

In a medium mixing bowl, combine the hot sauce, melted butter and sugar. Set aside.

Place the oil in a stock pot, so that it comes to about 1″ up from the bottom. Heat the oil to 340-350 degrees F.

Place 4-6 pieces if chicken into the oil and cook until the chicken is a golden brown,about 7-10 minutes. Remove from oil and place briefly on paper towel.

Then places cooked wings in hot sauce. Coat thoroughly and then plate to serve along with Celery and Blue Cheese Dressing.

Serves 3-4

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