I’m a sucker for unique foods and new products on the market. I waited in anticipation as Vanilla Coke made it to market, and then hoped that Pepsi would follow suit. New and unique flavors of Doritos? Yeah, I’ve sampled them. It’s my guilty pleasure…well, one of.

So imagine my surprise when reading about Steve Almond’s latest visit to the Elliot Bay Book company to promote his book “Candyfreak when it was mentioned that Kit Kat bars had made an orange and mint flavor of the traditional candy bar.

I was shocked! I was appalled! I was…well.. curious! I quickly did some research (and I do mean quickly.. I typed the phrase ‘orange mint kit kat’ into google. Took all of 5 seconds), and found that not only did these chocolate treasures actually exist, but some sap was selling them on eBay! I whipped out my credit card and leapt into action.

Soon I found myself finding chocolate bars I never knew existed. Caramel kit Kat bars? White Chocolate Pina Colada Almond Joys? Dulce de Leche M & M’s? Had the world gone mad? Why the hell had these products not been sold in Seattle? The Candy Companies were holding out on me, the bastards! I wanted… no needed… revenge!!

Lucky for them, I was about to get my hands on both the mint and orange Kit Kat bars. They’re in my freezer right now, tempting me ever so silently. ANd they taste wonderful.

Now, all I need to figure out is how Im going to pay for the Mint/Chocolate Truffle Peppermint Patties.

The Bastards!

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