Carole Greenwood Follow up

Woe to the chef who now gets a public reputation of being “difficult”. Carole Greenwood, she of the recent picture difficulty, recently had a few folks do a follow-up by presenting their “Carole Greenwood Challenge”. The challenge? One writer tries to take a picture of food. On a following evening, another writer was challenged to be very particular in their ordering.

The results can be found here. From the piece:

When my waiter returned with my meatloaf he noticed the yellow legal pad on the table. “Writing a love letter?ˮ he asked. I said I was taking notes for my blog, and added, after a moment of hesitation, “I like to take pictures of my meal on my phone, too.ˮ

The Reaction: He paled; his eyes bugged. “Be really careful about that,ˮ he whispered. “If the chef catches you, it’s gonna get serious.ˮ

Okay, yes, this prank was mean spirited. But I have to admit to laughing in a few bits.

(Thanks to eGullet reader monavano for the tip)

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