Carrot tips and hints

As we are in the midst of carrot recipes and other similar effluvium, it seems to be the perfect time to do the requisite post tips and hints surrounding the root.

  • Although carrots are available year round, their peak season runs mid-Autumn through early Spring.
  • Baby carrots found in the spring have mild flavors, carrots picked in the summer have a slightly stronger flavor. Winter carrots tend to be sweeter.
  • If looking for fresh carrots, purchase them with the carrots leafs still attached, with bright green coloring. Tops deteriorate rather quickly, thus leafs a good indicator of freshness.
  • However, you want to remove the top greens as soon as possible, as they draw moisture from the meat of the carrots.
  • Choose carrots that are young and slender.
  • Avoid slimy and/or multicolored carrots. Also avoid flabby, soft or split carrots, as these are indicators of age.
  • Avoid carrots with the meat green near the top, as they will be bitter.
  • Carrots can be stored in the refrigerator for 10 days.
  • Store carrots in the coldest part of the refrigerator to slow the aging process.
  • Carrots should be stored away from apples, pears or any other produce that creates ethylene gas. Ethylene gas makes the meat of the carrot turn bitter.
  • Peeling the skin off of the carrot is a good idea if the carrot is older, as a fair amount of bitterness can be found within.
  • The fresher the carrot from the groud, the less likely it will be that you will need to remove the skin.
  • A quick trick to get rid of the skin of many carrots – drop into boiling water for 2-3 minutes, remove and immediately plunge into a bowl of ice water. When the carros have cooled, rub off the skin with your fingers.
  • When slicing carrots, remove any yellow strings found from within.
  • Although quite tasty raw, a carrot is at its nutritional peak if it’s cooked for 3-5 minutes.
  • Some flavors that match very well with apricots, carrots include beef, celery, chicken, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, curry, dill, various honeys, onions, oranges, rosemary, shallots, tarragon, or thyme.
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