Chinatown-International District Summer Festival 2004


Ah yes…The community festival. A reason to get together with neighbors, celebrate the diversity of the city, and seeing aspects that you hadn’t known about.

And, of course, a chance to eat!

I went to this years Chinatown-International District Summer Festival. This festival hasbeen around for twenty nine years and has never failed to disappoint, from what the the old timers say. Well, truth be told these ‘old-timers’ are younger than I am, but they have been going to this thing for over twenty years.

I have to admit, it was a wonderful festival, filled with the typical booths pimping their goods, be it clothes, insurance, or political dogmas. And although it may sound callous of me to say so, I didn’t care one wit about any of those (although I did pick up a very nice sake set which will probably fall to pieces if looked at incorrectly).

No, what mattered to me is what always matters to me when I go to one of these festivals…what is available to eat.

Hum-bows, fried rice, pepper chicken, chicken satay (which is what is being cooked over the open grill pictured to your left), bubble tea, sesame seed balls, kim-chi, champagne pork, and bbq pork all got the once over from yours truly. All food seemed to have been helped by my theory of external aeration, where the food tastes much better when consumed out doors. I still haven’t figured out that one quite yet.

I could go into more details, about the permeating smells of cilantro, or the curries. I go state how wonderful each food item looked as it came out of the fryer, or off the grill. But really, that’d be just cruel on my part. If you want to enjoy things like these on your own, search out any local festival in your area. You gotta support thearts, afterall, n’est pas?