Coke’s Caloric Sophistry

What happens when you get two of the world’s largest food corporations, both with histories of unethical behavior (Coca-Cola and Nestlé) working together? A drink that burns calories.

Enviga, which will be on sale in the US next month, will be available in Britain next year.

The makers claim that a combination of extracts from green tea and caffeine speeds up the drinker’s metabolic rate, which helps the body to burn calories.

I think it’s safe to say that the energy-drink industry is truly getting out of hand. Their claims of drinking 3 bottles of Enviga will burn an average of 106 calories is cynical in their marketing. As Andrew Prentice, professor of international nutrition at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, mentioned in the article “The implicit claim to the consumer is that [Enviga] will make them lose weight.”

Coke denies that this is their motivation, speaking through their chief Scientist Rhoma Applebaum,”We want to make clear that this is not a magic bullet to lose weight”.

If one were to believe Coke’s position, then answer the following question – Do you think that they are thrilled or abhorred at the press that their drink is getting?

As Calorielab pointed out – “…you could save the four bucks a day ($1,460 a year) that would cost and go for a walk instead.”

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