Consumer group sues FDA over biotech foods

Hey, if that what it takes for the FDA to take notice, count me amongst those in support of the lawsuit. From the article:

enetically modified crops, such as soybeans, corn, and canola, are grown widely throughout the United States, and the world leader in development and marketing of the gene-altered crops is St. Louis, Missouri-based Monsanto Co

Yet the United States requires no independent testing of these crops or the food products they are used in, does not mandate what data companies must submit for review, and does not require that foods that contain biotech crops be labeled…

Which begs the question “Where’s the check and balances in regard these commodities?”

Being the every lovin’ hazel-eyed pragmatist that I am, I don’t think that Genetically modified food is the devil incarnate. Clearly products can be developed that have little or no harm upon people or the environments.

However (and there always seems to be a “however”), the risk surrounding these products is higher than most of the Agri-businesses would like us to believe. Not only do these products run the potential of introducing health problems into consumers (most likely in the form of allergies), but then there’s the added risk of environmental concerns that are more likely to be introduced by some of the genetically modified products. You can read up on the issues surrounding the Terminator Gene for more proof of that.

So when we’re dealing with technologies that can destroy the planet, call me crazy, but I think a little regulation and oversight is a good thing.

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