While there is some good-natured debate on the topic of “Which dessert is better: Cake or Pie?”, I think that there is enough evidence out there to declare that nearly everyone loves cookies. Mostly because there is a cookie for everyone. Chocolate chips not your thing? Then there are ginger snaps? Not into spicy cookies? Then lady fingers may be more up your alley. If you don’t like lady fingers, I can list dozens, hundreds, heck, perhaps even thousands of varieties out there which may satisfy even the most picky of eaters.

So in Kate’s world of ordering things, Cookies sit between pies and cakes (with my preference still being the pie). It is a bit ironic that I prefer cookies over cake, as cookies are said to be mini-cakes. The “cookie” itself comes from the Dutch koeptje, meaning little came. Of course I believe that this is a bit of a simplistic. Cookies have been around as long as anyone has been making dough with sugar added to it, and cookies have far more in common with crackers than cakes. Flour, water, and sugar dropped upon a flat hot rock is not that difficult of a recipe to figure out after all. Conversely, spilling cake batter on a hearth would have a similar effect here, so this really turns into a “Which came first, the cookie or the cake?” kind of question.

But my guess is this: flour + water + hot, flat rock = the world’s first cracker. flour + water + honey + hot, flat rock = the world’s first cookie.

All of this speculation is my way of saying that it is cookie time. The Holiday season is here (Two weeks to T-giving), and then Christmas, so now is as good of a time as any to get down to the dirty business of making cookies. Expect more posts on the topics over the coming weeks (Probably until the end of the year).